Causes of Various Chest Rashes

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Considering how many different explanations there are for a chest rash, it is important to consider what some of the possibilities are. Knowing how to identify these various rashes is important, especially if you have small children. Heat rash is certainly one of the more common causes for the skin on the chest to become irritated and red. Sometimes called “prickly heat”, this condition is not inherently serious but it can become worse without proper treatment. Heat rashes are commonly mistaken for allergic reactions, although they have nothing to do with allergies at all. The severity of a heat rash as well as the location depends on the person; it can be very mild or extremely serious.

The most common symptoms of heat rash are red splotches on the skin that become itchy and irritated over a short period of time. Usually a heat rash gets worse if it is not treated, but eventually it will go away on its own. Because the symptoms of heat rash can easily be mistaken for other things such as allergies or even poison ivy, it is important to seek proper medical treatment in order to effectively treat it. Your doctor will be able to diagnose the condition based on various criteria, including a history of your own health.

Contact dermatitis can be another explanation for why you or someone in your family might have a rash on their chest. Typically the most common symptoms of this condition are inflammation, itching, redness, and blisters on the affected area. The fact is that contact dermatitis is a very common condition and is also referred to as allergic contact dermatitis. Having direct contact with something which can spark such a reaction is enough to instigate these symptoms almost immediately.

Another explanation as to why there might be a rash on your chest is chicken pox. Although this is a condition that people tend to think of children having, it can occur in adults. The reason why parents are recommended to purposely expose their children to chickenpox at an early age is because it can become dangerous in adulthood. Adults do not deal with it as well as children do and it can even sometimes be fatal is immediate treatment is not provided. It causes the same symptoms as many other conditions, including red bumps on the skin, specifically around the chest area and should be treated soon after these symptoms begin to appear.

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