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Is Your Wife Cheating – 11 Cheating Signs Of A Wife.. Husband Should Know

  • by sunny cheema
  • 9 Days ago
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Have you been asked by friends or close to you, “Is your wife cheating?” This question is not easy for the husband to take, nor for the husband to give an answer.This is so because when the wife is cheating in marriage, it is not as common as that of the husband’s infidelity.

Check Out On Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Comparing women today and women before, you can see a real big difference.The rate of cheating women today is known to be increasing from time to time.This is not because of being unfaithful at all.The main reason would be marital STRESS that are too much to bear.Stress can be in a form of work since both husbands and wives today are practical and independently working to earn for a living.Conflict at work schedules can be very stress provoking thereby making them both feel that the marriage is not at all working anymore. Some marital stress may include money problems,  inability to give birth, etc.

Most men do not at all believe that their wives can commit infidelity on their marriage. Knowing that their wives cheat is Lurid to them, not like for the wives that when they caught their husband cheating, they are less shock. Well, could this be a bad karma for all men out there?Even if it is rare to know, wives can be cheaters like that of the husband’s, and they can be more aggressive than what you think she is.So it is of every husband’s right to know the reasons why their wives cheat:

  • There’s a feeling of boredom in the relationship and the needs of the wife may have been unfulfilled by the husband for a long time already.
  • When the wives feel that they no longer have the value in the relationship as in they are not given so much care, love and attention, one solution to such crisis is to find someone else better than their husbands.
  • When both are working, the time is really at risk.  When weekends are off from work, then the husband has to take his role of spending quality time with his wife. If this is no longer practice, and the husband just went out with friends for a drinking session, the wife would think for another option.
  • Intimacy between couples is lacking. There are women who are more sexual than men. As such, when the wife is not sexually satisfied, she may find someone else that can give her such satisfaction.
  • She is often hurt and abused by the husband.
  • Her husband is cheating.
  • Marriage is not out of love, but out of forced and money.

So, is your wife cheating 100%? Here are the following signs that you may or may not observe in your wife! BE ALERT DEAR HUSBANDS:

  • She has this emotional space.
  • She’s being secretive – she no longer shares her daily events with you and she diverts the topic when you asked how her day went.
  • She always goes out at the house early and goes home late making OVERTIME as the reason.
  • She stays over the phone for long hours and talk in whispers when you are drawing nearer.
  • She is obviously guilty, as she becomes so suspicious of her husband.
  • She is always uneasy even at the house and easily gets nervous.
  • She has always been protective of her phone, and making such security code is a must for her.
  • She’s very particular with make-ups, dresses, etc.
  • She has new interests.
  • She’s justificative when being observed with her changed behaviors.
  • Your instinct says that you are cheated by your wife.

So, is your wife cheating? Really, when the wife cheats, it’s a very horrible and  weird feeling.However, you cannot just allow yourself to live in doubt because once you does, you are just making life miserable for you and for the relationship.Work for it when in doubt, look for signs and get an evidence of her infidelity and confront her directly to keep your own health and good sense. If you just depend on your trust and love for the wife even if you know in your heart your wife is cheating, then you are allowing yourself to eat you whole. To all the husbands reading this, you should remember, that in the relationship, even if the wife is the one involved in infidelity, it is best to confront and face the issue, and allow some necessary changes in the relationship, a must and a need.

Learn How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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