Learn 6 Tips on How To Manage Your Mother-Wife Relationship

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Hey guy, do you think your life will be happy forever after you are married? I still remember on what my manager has told me a joke before, “in our life, there are three rings, engagement ring, wedding ring and the last one is suffering”, sound likes a joke, but if we do not manage our marriage relationship well, suffering can become reality in our life. Now, we will discuss the most common problem in the married life is how to maintain the relationship between mother and wife. In fact, many women after married seem to have a bad relationship with their mother-in-laws. Hence, the men must manage this mother-wife relationship with extra care. Your wife will run away from you if you unable to manage mother-wife relationship when they are arguing. Then, you will have a tough time to get your wife back. Here, I am providing six proven tips for men to manage this kind of relationship otherwise the quarrel may lead into divorce or family breakup.

1st tip, a man must pay similar attention and cares

A man must remember not ever tell your wife that “my mom told like this” or “my mom likes that”. This concept applied similar to your mother too. A man should know how to balance the relationship between these two important women in his life. Many women fight because a man pays more attention to his mother, or stops nurturing the relationship with his mother after he has married. The mother feels like the daughter-in-law has taken her son away, or the wife dislikes the mother because the man is still hanging on to her.

2nd tips, a man must avoid passing an argument

This is the fact that every quarrel starts with an argument. Hence, a man should avoid passing an argument whatever the situation may be. Woman behavior is really very sensitive and unpredictable. A man will never ever know that, it may be his little comment that may boost the quarrel, so please do not give a comment although he should try to solve the issue as a neutral person.

3rd tip, a man must not leave the place

A man should not leave the place if the quarrel is started due to his mistake or any misunderstanding. The man can discuss it and try to resolve the issue immediately.

4th tip, a man must step up and be a leader

Sometimes, a man must step up and be a leader. The man should be strong at convincing correct points from either side. Sometimes, he should address his mother if she is wrong and let her know his wife is to be respected. And likewise the wife, if she is wrong, the man should address the wife and let her know his mother is to be respected. 

5th tip, do not complain to third person

Man, please ever remember this tip, if any quarrel happens, try to avoid the situation either your mother or your wife bring the issue and complain to third person! For example, the mother should not complain her daughter-in-law to her sibling or the wife should not bring the issue back to family-in-law. A small and baseless quarrel can become both family issue and worsen the situation. 

6th tip, do not underestimate the power of your father

Man, do you know that, your father can play an important role to improve the mother-wife relationship? You must remember that, he experienced this before. He is the main person to calm down your mother and able to give you a valid advise.

Finally, give time and space for everyone. A man shall convince his wife that the mother is of old nature and she has not learned how to bend on the situation. On the other hand, a man should talk to his mother that the wife is new to this family and she will take time to adjust. A man will bring the two women together and live peacefully if he takes time to be a son to his mother and a husband to his wife. The most important is, your wife would not run away from you, and then you can save a lot of tough times to get your wife back later.

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